NEW YORK AREA - Special Deals by ERCS Inc. OSHA Training 10 30 Hazwoper

Those interested in satisfying the special requirements in the New York area:


This is the OSHA OUTREACH PROGRAM Dept. of Labor white plastic card that is approved for satisfying both your 10 Hour or 30 Hour requirements. 


This means:


  • Your course is being provided by an OSHA approved provider within the OSHA outreach program
  • You will receive a temporary certificate upon successful completion of the final exam
  • You will receive your card directly from OSHA within a couple weeks


If you need a CLASSROOM training OSHA 10 or OSHA 30, this is offered every Saturday and Sunday in Brooklyn for 2 consecutive weekends from 9 am - 5 pm.  Use the contact form on this page to request how to sign up for those Classroom sessions.  Total cost INCLUDING DOL CARD is 450.00 due at the time of registration.  Or Call 929-430-7299 for more information.



 If you are interested in our OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 online course option

and would like to get a FREE gift.......



  • This online version of the OSHA courses gives you 24/7 online access to safety training.
  • You can log in and log out at anytime that provides convenience for your busy schedule.
  • Federally approved Courses means that you don't need to worry yourself about this being accepted in New York. 
  • The OSHA Outreach program course is accepted by the state of New York, Local City Departments, Building Authorities, County Departments, Safety Enforcement Personnel, Transportation authorities, Utilities, etc.  
  • You receive the White Plastic DOL card from OSHA after you finish the course. 
  • The Temporary Certificate of completion can be used immediately after the final exam is finished as verification until you receive the OSHA card in the mail.
  • You can use any web-enabled device (like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop) to complete each segment of the course.
  • Our courses are designed to educate at your own pace and allows you to take breaks in between.  
  • NOTE:  Our OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses also include a FREE gift - A COOL customized Hard Hat sticker demonstrating that you have completed your training.

Frequently asked Questions:


What is the OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 Training?

OSHA created the OSHA 10 Hour and 30 Hour Outreach Program Training courses as a means to have OSHA authorized trainers provide quality safety training for workers and supervisors about the general hazards they may encounter at their job.  Specific Topics are required and elective topics offered to satisfy these hours so you can gain your verification card from OSHA that you have successfully completed the course material.  The authorized training provider has on staff is Mr. Roger Greenleaf.

Does OSHA require this class to perform any construction work?

The requirement to complete the OSHA 10 or 30 course is not dictated by OSHA, but rather contractors and states based on location, the size of the job, or prior accidents.  This means you must be familiar with the requirements of your area to know if it is mandatory.  We are here to assist you in knowing the requirements and improving your performance at the job in regards to safety.  There are presently seven states who have recently enacted laws that make the OSHA 10 Hour or 30 Hour construction course mandatory to work on certain construction sites in their states.  These include New YorkRhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,  Nevada, and Missouri.  In other states like Florida, the requirements may be based on work at Federal Facilities and/or Total cost of the project in specific counties.

What does the NYC Local Law 196 Now require? 


As of December 1, 2018 YOU must have as a minimum either:

  • The OSHA 10 class with 20 additional hours of training required by the Department, which includes 8 hours of training in regard to safeguarding against dangers posed by falling workers and objects, or
  • The OSHA 30 Class, or
  • 100 hour Training program approved by the Department.

Do I need to already be employed to start this course? 



This is a great question.  You do not need to be employed.  You can take this course, obtain your OSHA card and actually, this may be a great step to you gaining employment.  Employers appreciate not having to spend overhead dollars on your training and this may give you a great advantage over another candidate for the job. After taking this class with, many prospective employees have got excellent jobs and return to thank us for encouraging to take the course.  The best thing is that the card you receive is accepted by all companies and not employer-specific.


What is the best way to get started taking this class? 



You can register at the discounted link above for the class you desire and begin taking the course within minutes.  Don't waste any more time, go ahead and click the Learn More tab below the desired course and use any credit, debit card, or paypal to register for the course.  A link to the course with your secure password will be sent to the email that you provide.  It is a very easy process and the course is very self explanatory once you enter the course.




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"Hendrick Roofing loves having Steve from ERCS Inc. host all of our OSHA training sessions. He is a pleasure to work with & delivers high quality training to our men in a way that's fun and understandable."

Danielle Hendrick, Owner

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